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Nature Scavenger Hunt

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Cut out or draw some small pictures of things the child is likely to see on a nature walk. For example, spider, worm, flowers, butterfly, bridge, trees, ants and beetles and stick them in a line one below the other on a sheet of paper. Beside each picture write the identifying word leaving enough space for the child to tally how many of each item they see on their walk. Give the child the sheet and a pencil then head off to the garden, park or other outside space. Each time the child sees something that is on the list they can mark a line beside it on the sheet and discuss what they are seeing with you. This gives you the opportunity to introduce new vocabulary and perhaps discuss animal habitats or types of flowers. At the end of the scavenger hunt help the child to add up the lines beside each item to find out how many birds, trees and so on that they managed to find on the scavenger hunt.