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Cut out 5 or 6 images from old magazines or supermarket leaflets of the items you intend to buy on your shopping trip. If possible include a selection of fresh, chilled, frozen and dry goods. Be sure to include items the child particularly likes perhaps a favourite drink or snack. Stick the images to a sheet of paper to create the child’s visual shopping list. When you arrive at the store let the child search for the items on the list. Help them to locate the items by asking simple questions such as – is it a cold item? Where would we keep cold items? Discuss each item as it’s found and perhaps compare it to a similar item on the shelf. Next time ask the child to go through the leaflets and magazines to pick items to create their own shopping list. This is a good activity for developing language and beginning to understand food categories. It is also a great way to keep the child occupied when you really have to grocery shop!